2021 Highlight Concepts Fashion Show

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Photo by Robelo Photography

Photo by Dream Production

Photo by Dream Production

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Venie Tadeo's Biography

Vinie Tadeo Fashion Di 2021 FS.jpg

Fashion Designer

Venancio Tadeo, originally from the Philippines, came to the United States in 1978, with very little money in his pocket but a big dream in his heart to become a fashion designer and his eyes were focused directly on Hollywood. After spending a few years in the west, Venancio felt a strong desire to travel and dive deeper into the fashion show industry, while studying fashion in real-time, up close, and personal, learning directly from the culture around him, through his adventures around the country.

This was just the platform Venancio needed, as he was now designing and exhibiting on some of the most incredible catwalks, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal, New York, Miami, and Atlanta positioning him as an internationally recognized designer.

Venancio's journey is not close to coming to an end; In fact, he has now decided to call the Charlotte area home, which is one of the greatest powers in today's fashion industry.

Venancio is synonymous with authenticity, creativity, extravagance, and elegance. Each of these adjectives is delicately captured in his designs.

Renowned for his professional career in the world of fashion, creativity, and design, Venancio Tadeo on this occasion make a presence with his innovative creations at the 2021Highlight Concepts Fashion Show, showing his exclusive collection for the audience of the Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill area, better known as the triangle in North Carolina.

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Dia Malai's


Guest Singer

Hailing from Queens, New York, multi-dimensional songstress, Dia Maial is

ready to show the world how talented she truly is. From humble beginnings

Dia’s love for music developed by turning her voice into an instrument,

learning and training her vocal ability while strengthening her pen, Dia

Malai is a force to be reckoned with. Deriving her inspiration from legends

and greats such as Anita Baker, Beyoncé, Jazmine Sullivan, Kelly Rowland,

Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Neyo, and more, Dia’s music

reflects a soulful pop rendition every time. By incorporating her musical

knowledge and undeniable ability, Dia Malai’s music provides a refreshing

rich tone that transcends new era R&B, Pop & Soul creating a universal

sound of her own.

With over 10 years of performance experience, Dia Malai’s dynamic aura

translates each time she hits the stage. A fashionista in her own right, Dia’s

personal style, illuminating personality and powerful voice sets her apart

while providing a nostalgic feel brought by her melodic tunes and electric

lyrics. Her most recent release ECHO STREET, provides her listeners with a

perfect insight into her world. Records like, Destiny, Say My Name, &

Meantime gives listeners a time machine feels while touching on topics that

are timeless, love, hope, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. Refining her

skillset, Dia Malai also engineers her own music aiding her in elevating her

sound, a direct reflection of her yearns to be the best. An up and coming

legend in the making, Dia Malai is ready to take over the game and show

what she is truly made of gold.

Dia Malai - Destiny [ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO ]Artist Name
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Camilo Cruz

Andres Cano



Camilo Cruz, is a Colombian singer and performer from Medellín, Antioquia. He began his career as one of the contestants on the musical reality show La Voz Colombia in 2013. Camilo Cruz comes to share his incredible talent and music with all of the attendees to the 2021 Highlight Concepts Fashion Show.

Mistress of Ceremony
Leonor Clavijo

Casting Moments

Highlight Concepts would like to thank all the models who showed up for the casting call.

Production moments prior to the fashion show.