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Welcome to the

2024 Highlight Concepts Fashion Show

2024 Fashion Show
One of the most glamorous events in the Carolinas


June 2nd at 6:00 pm

Don't miss this glamorous event

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Meet Our Fashion Designers and Fashion Influencers

By Nikki Namrata Chhatbar

From India
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There is much more to Nikki's designer apparel than multi-purpose pure-cotton clothing that is hand-block printed with eco-friendly dyes. Nikki's lineup revolves and evolves around mission CARE: (C) Creating awareness about sustainability,
(A) Assisting artisans
(R) Reviving age-old art
(E) Empowering women.

Born and raised in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat in India, Nikki has been designing and creating clothing jewelry handbags the home decor since she was a little girl. Her artistic talent knows no bounds. After studying fashion and business, she moved to the US but her immigration status put a significant pause on her plans.
She wanted to rejuvenate the dying handmade and sustainable art, along with the artisans that create it, and counter the mass-produced clothing that is becoming a norm in the fashion industry. Nikki persisted and is now getting ready to offer her brand Rustic Passport to connoisseurs with the slow fashion that is handmade and sustainable, with biodegradable materials and natural and sustainable dyes. Even the buttons she uses are made of wooden or coconut shells. Her fashion line reflects her beliefs in conscious choices and fair trade, offering one size fits most, reversible, and gender-neutral designs. Nikki lives in Durham with her husband and a 10-year-old boy. Her talents extend beyond fashion - she is an excellent cook, a great interior designer, and a meditation teacher for a decade. Nikki strongly believes that it is up to us, individual citizens, to serve our communities with the best that we have.

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Fashion Influencers 

Robert Clenn Taylor

Berhan Nebioglu 

Vintage Collection

From USA

Berhan Nebioglu
Being feminine and dressing beautifully seem to come naturally to Berhan. Knowing how to walk, sit, drink tea as well as champagne, is part of who she is. She has always wanted to be on a stage as a model or a dancer. "Her father would tell her 'Life is a stage. We enter. We perform. We exit. From these words, she always felt compelled to live her life as a journey, to be creative, curious and not be afraid to knock on doors." Berhan has experience in the field of modeling, dance and fashion for over 30 years. She is also an entrepreneur who for over twenty–five years has had her own fashion jewelry and accessories business located in the historic Latta Arcade in downtown Charlotte. She has been a modeling instructor at several Charlotte modeling schools. She has performed as part of Theater Charlotte in several musical productions including Chorus Line, and West Side Story among others. Berhan has been featured in Lux, Charlotte Living and SouthPark magazines. She has been awarded the prestigious AMC Heritage Award for Model Instructor of the year. Berhan provides new opportunities for Charlottes top and up and coming models. Most recently she produced sold out shows to raise money to benefit the victims in the Ukraine crisis by showcasing one of Charlotte’s leading fashion designers.

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Venancio Tadeo

Recycle Designer

The philippines

Venancio Tadeo, originally from the Philippines, came to the United States in 1978, with very little money in his pocket but a big dream in his heart to become a fashion designer. His eyes were focused directly on Hollywood. After spending a few years in the West, Venancio felt a strong desire to travel and dive deeper into the fashion show industry, while studying fashion in real-time, up close, and personal, learning directly from the culture around him, through his adventures around the country.

This was just the platform Venancio needed, as he was now designing and exhibiting on some of the most incredible catwalks, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal, New York, Miami, and Atlanta positioning him as an internationally recognized designer.

Venancio's journey is not close to ending; he has now decided to call the Charlotte area home, which is one of the most significant powers in today's fashion industry.

Venancio is synonymous with authenticity, creativity, extravagance, and elegance. Each of these adjectives is delicately captured in his designs.

Renowned for his professional career in the world of fashion, creativity, and design, Venancio Tadeo displayed his innovative creations at the 2021, 2022, and 2023 Highlight Concepts Fashion Shows, showing his exclusive collection in Raleigh NC. 

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Anton & Maxine

By Diko Pekdemir-Lewis 

From Germany

Anton & Maxine is a contemporary fashion label based in downtown Columbia, SC, offering bespoke, sustainable clothing for individuals who value expressing their unique style through customizable designs.  Established in 2014 in Germany and relocated to Columbia, SC in 2016, our brand, named after the designers' children, Antoinette and Maxine, showcases clean, chic, and modern pieces that serve as a creative outlet for our customers, enabling them to make a bold statement in every aspect of their lives. Our limited-edition garments are handcrafted in-house and are available both in-store and online.

Our designs cater to sophisticated individuals seeking chic and edgy styles, with a focus on refined comfort and versatility. Embracing a predominantly black color palette, Anton & Maxine embodies a sense of coolness and comfort, appealing to both men and women alike.

About the designer:

I'm Diko Pekdemir-Lewis, the founder and Creative Director of Anton & Maxine.  I was fortunate to be raised by creative parents, who inspired me to pursue a career in the arts from a young age.  Growing up with a mother who was a singer and poet, as well as a father who was a skilled Bespoke Tailor, I was immersed in a world of artistic expression and craftsmanship. Witnessing my father's ability to transform a piece of fabric into a tailored suit sparked my interest in fashion design.  I fondly recall my early days creating clothes for my Barbies and dolls, a hobby that solidified my passion for the industry. Following in my father's footsteps, I pursued formal education in bespoke tailoring and continued with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, laying the foundation for my journey into the world of fashion design.

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Nashona - 2024 Highlight Concepts Fshion Show 2.jpg

By Lilian K Daniela

From Tanzania
—Pngtree—tanzania flag png vector design_6722405.png


NASHONA is a fashion forward women’s clothing line that specializes in melding modern styles with vibrant African fabrics from Tanzania. Our 100% wax cotton kangas and kitenges are versatile, unique, and handcrafted pieces of the highest quality. We seek to provide exceptional prints and high fashion apparel while helping to serve both our local and global communities. A portion of all sales benefits the Shalom Orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania.

The phrase "Made with ❤️ Tanzania" can be found written across the tag of each NASHONA piece. NASHONA, ("I sew" in Swahili), was created by Lilian K Danieli, a Tanzanian native who resides in North Carolina. Lilian established the line in 2012 with the goal of serving her community and merging two different cultures by providing traditional African prints in modern silhouettes for a unique statement. NASHONA's success is attributed to a loyal team of local Tanzanians, retailers and brand ambassadors who share Lillian's vision of fashion and philanthropy. 


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Jaron Strom

Jaron Strom's Biography:
Indie pop artist, Jaron Strom, grew up on his grandpa‘s Motown records. That old school soul permeates through every song he performs. Lead singer of Minutes & Years, Charlotte, NC, based band, Jaron has the ability to sing everything from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake and knows a thing or two about mesmerizing the crowd.His ability to perform a breadth of styles all while bringing the same soulful, “edgy pop“, feel allowed him to win over Blake Shelton during a blind audition on The Voice. To this day, Jaron continues to build his skills as a performer.Today, Jaron continues to make the music he wants, bringing his sweet but immensely powerful falsetto to the crowd capturing the attention of all types of listeners.

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Kike Naranjo

Saxophonist and DJ
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Eddy Kbrera

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The Colombian artist of Dominican descent Eddy Kbrera, has been positioning himself increasingly, with a musical style that mixes Soukous (African Rhythm) with sounds and rhythms of the Colombian Caribbean (Champeta). This is it: Afro-Caribbean Music.

Born in Barranquilla, a city that has forged great international talents, Eddy's extols our roots, in the most important concerts and festivals in the United States, in which he has been participating.

The artist has decided to settle in Queen City (Charlotte North Carolina) to fulfill his presentations, commitments, and professional growth.

Its objective is framed in the new single "QUE ESTÁ SABROSO", a song of its authorship released on November 2023, and precisely that same month, another song of its authorship entitled Déjame Amarte, was chosen as the soundtrack for the first Latin movie in Spanish in Charlotte city: EL ES MI PAPÁ

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Eddy Kbrera- 2024 Highlight Concepts Fshion Show 2.jpg

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