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Anything is possible when you believe in yourself

Before and After Image Consultant  Alici
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Empowering The Best of You!


Personal Appearance - Professional Image - Fashion and Style - Glamour - Etiquette - Protocol - Personal shopper - Modeling Coach - Motion (Dance with Glamour) and Photography

Personal Image Program

Personal Image Assessment

We will develop strategies and action plans to achieve your goals and your best outcomes working with you on the implementation and follow-through. Professional Women & men Image.

Bodyline Analysis

Helping you to identify the shapes that compliment your natural bodyline and emphasize your features.

Enhance your professional appearance

Our image specialists will inspire you to feel and look your best. Makeover, hairstyle, face treatment, on the go. We help you to become who it’s possible for you to be, and create the new life you want expanding your level of insight and skills.

Professional Fashion and Style

Explore the concept of business casual and business night. Fashion tips for women and men wardrobes.

Style and wardrobe for men

Develop confidence in assessing menswear construction, styles, and wardrobe. Dress appropriately for the body type, personality, and lifestyle.​

Shopping made simple

Create a workable wardrobe, know what goes together spending less time shopping, planning and dressing.


Closet evaluation

Helping you to determine what to keep, what to upgrade, what to alter to create a functional wardrobe upon your goals and profile.

Corporate Portfolio

Workforce Image

 Cultural accommodation guidance.
Expose executives and professional staff to new cultures traits to improve business relations, increase collaboration, and positive results. Learning the appropriate business behavior to interact with global clients, partners, and offices. We provide in-site on-hand seminars to acquire competence in business partners' culture including dress code, dining, and etiquette.


Career Training & Resources
Presentation coaching on verbal and non-verbal communications for presentation, job interviews, meetings, interpersonal communication.


A photography session for your social and professional communication.


Dress code analysis.

Social Business and Etiquette

Get involved and feel competent in a dining situation and confidently navigate the most complicated dinner table.

Modeling Couching Info
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