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You are the person that you choose to be

Reaching your goals and dreams is dependent solely upon the choices you make.

Our goal is 

Empowering the Best of You!

Jorge Miranda


David Salazar

Our group of image consultants, and trainers, empower individuals to be who they are and project their true self outwardly. We are focused on empowering the body, mind, and inner self where we work with individuals, children, adolescents, and adults. We also provide group seminars and give corporate workshops to empower themselves.

The goal is to teach individuals to use the tools developed through image training provided by Highlight Concepts to facilitate change.

Jorge Miranda has extensive experience in the fashion world, entertainment, event production, and photography. Its beginnings date back to the mid-'80s when he started working as an actor and model in his native country, Colombia. Then, years later his received a position as a runway model with the Colombian fashion elite. With all this experience he became a director of two recognized model agencies (John Casablancas - Colombia and Jorge Miranda Productions). Simultaneously, he started working for two prestigious magazines and a photography producer for the cover of both magazines (Revista Nueva and Revista Miercoles) in South America. At that time, it was discovered his new talent/face, major runway choreography, and set designer for exclusive fashion events and product launches. Jorge Miranda decided to open his own event production office and casting agency which gave him the opportunity to work as a casting director for advertising agencies, TV series, and TV commercials. He also had the opportunity to work with celebrities in his country. As was the case with the first Playboy model, Colombian Maria Checa, model and actress Sofia Vergara from the TV show Modern Family, model and actress Maritza Rodriguez from Telemundo, model, and Actress Indhira Serrano, not to mention some of a number of international models that he worked with. As an image consultant Jorge Miranda worked with many television personalities, international models, and political figures. In the late 90's he decided to move to the United States, where he continued his work as a photographer, Image Consultant, photography producer, and interior designer. Currently, he is working as a Professional Photographer with the Colombian magazine Escenario Caribe. He works with companies like Motives Cosmetic, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of North Carolina,,, Univision 40 (Raleigh, NC), The Spanish-Language Newspaper La Noticia, and has spoken at the Latino-American Women's Conference in the cities of Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina. 
In 2015, he teamed up with David Salazar to open an image consulting and photography services company, and Highlight Concepts was born. 

Jorge Miranda's Biography

Executive Director

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