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Etiquette and Dance Program

Developed for children and adolescents

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Times of change.
Knowing the rules of etiquette and protocol are an established constant in this changing world, current events and societal preferences are influencing individuals to slowly decrease in-person interactions. Technological advances used by the mainstream and the recent pandemic have encouraged an increase in isolationism for convenience sake or to protect the welfare of mankind respectively. As a result, there is a move to refrain from appropriate social exchanges on a day-to-day basis. We must make sure the fundamental rules of courtesy do not disappear so we may teach our future generations the importance of appropriate social education and embrace respect in ourselves and others. 

Special Activities

Child Testimony

Audio en Español

Etan - Traducción al Español
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Etiquette and Dance Program Graduation Gala

Etiquette and Protocol Workshop

Developed for Adults

Adult Testimony

Audio in English

Yadiria - Testimony in English
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